18 February, 2018

In the digital age, the scarce resources of individuals: time and attention

Many years ago, it was my first time to  hear the term "attention economy" from Dr. Hung's blog (洪朝貴). But I did not realize the meaning. 

Then I found something strange. In the some situations, I needed to work,  but I could not concentrate myself on the work. Because I spent too much time surfing websites and reading useless information. Suddenly, I understood what the "attention economy" meant! 

Some Information was made to attract people's attention to met certain purposes. However, most of the information is junk!   Only little info is useful.

But the the among of time and attention for a person are constant. When a person spends time and attention on the junk info, that can diminish the working ability! 

Thus I have tried to "heal" this syndrome. For example, I set a timer, 10 to 20 min for working , and 2 min for resting (surfing the web).  And it worked.

So I want to tell people some points. Many people are not aware that their time and attention are "stole" by a conspiracy!  Please awake, and fight it back!