28 March, 2017

Yes! Air pollution today!

The air is so bad today!  I checked the AQI (air quality index) from the Taiwan Air Quality Monitoring Network, Environmental Protection Administration, Taiwan.

It has been criticized that AQI does not responsible for the "real" air quality. For example, the PM10 is reaching the very high-purple level when the concentration is over 101 micro-gram/m^3 according the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, UK,

Yesterday, the AQI of Tauyuan was yellow, but the PM10 was about 90 - 95, was the brown level in the UK. However, the AQI in Taiwan cannot reveal such index.  

I have no power to improve the air pollution. What I can do is wearing a mask, and tell friends the air is very dirty now!

20 January, 2017

Teach my child: How to use a clamp meter to measure AC current of electric heater

I have used electric multi-meter for many year (perhaps since I was a junior high school student)

This is the first time I buy and use a clamp meter.

Figure 1  Got the batteries installed

Figure 2  A electric heater (1200 W) was connected to a self-made extension cord (I made it two years ago). The cord was consisted with two strains of wires (the hot and ground wires), and I separated them. Clamped one strain of the cord and measured the AC current.

Figure 3  Yes! the cute palms with red sleeves were my boy's hands!

After measuring, I confirmed that the heater was not always running with the maximum output (every night, we could hear "click" sounds from the heater ever 10 -20 seconds, and my wife thought that really noisy in the night).

From the clamp meter, I also the current changed from  8.5 - 9.0 A to 0.2 A about every 10 sec.  This is the noise come from.

I just guess that the switching sound is using a thermo-switch to prevent the device overheating.

In addition, I think the life skills are more important than any grades of subjects in the school. Thus I taught my child how to measure AC current, even he did not know what was he doing!

Fluke AC/DC clamp meter manual (in PDF)
Electrical wiring in North America - Wikipedia

30 November, 2015

Download our poster:
Developing rapid quantification of polysaccharides by colorimetry--
Published in the Annual Meeting of Food Science and Technology, 2015, Taiwan.

Miss Hsiao and I have a poster:

Developing rapid quantification of polysaccharides by colorimetry

Published in the annual meeting of Food Science and Technology, 04 December, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan.

The poster (full text) is available in the portable document format (PDF)
or editable -- open document format (ODF)

This preview image of poster is only 50 dpi (low quality), please download the original file in ODF created by Libreoffice or PDF (300 dpi) for a better image quality.

06 June, 2015

Contact with I-Yuan

I-Yuan Chiang (One Dollar)

Email: iychiang1809 [@] gmail.com

Facebook: I-Yuan Chiang-One Dollar
LinkedIn: I-Yuan Chiang
ResearchGate: I-Yuan Chiang
Slideshare: I-Yuan Chiang
Google+: I-Yuan Chiang

05 June, 2015

Cold Storage Chart of Foods

I got this table from Facebook--FoodSafety.gov. (link)

It is great! The table clearly shows the storage time of various food under refrigeration or freezing.  I have never seen such a table in our language. Sure I am going to translate it.

Here is the original page: Storage Times for the Refrigerator and Freezer

19 November, 2014

Video of microbiology experiments and food sanitation examinations

I am conducting a project, about making videos of microbiology experiments and food sanitation examinations. Most video were uploaded to my Youtube channel

1. For my own teaching (and students can watch videos any time, any where)
2. For food industry or restaurants.

Most videos are in the public domain (not copyrighted). Anyone can use those videos for any purposes (including commercial use) without getting my grant in advance.

Currently, titles are in English and Traditional Chinese, And I hope it is useful for users worldwide. Speech in the Video is Mandarin Chinese, the office language in Taiwan.
I hope in the future,

This is a personal project, not funded by any organizations. However, I appreciate many help from:

*Kainan University--for the great biology laboratory, instrument, and consumable materials.
*Min-Sheng General Hospital--for consumable materials.
*The Ministry of Science and Technology-- or consumable materials and for funding my research project.
*I-Yuan Chiang's wallet--for
*Lab members for helping preparation and making videos.

OK, just take a look of it!


18 November, 2014

About I-Yuan Chiang

I-Yuan Chiang (please call me One Dollar, my nickname)

Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition and Health Science, 
Kainan University, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Hi everyone, here is my homepage. 
If you can read traditional Chinese, check my page and blog


PhD: 2003 - 2008. Food ScienceCornell University, NYSAES (New York State Agricultural Experiment Station), Geneva campus, NY, USA.

MS: 2000 - 2002, Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.
Thesis: Study on the Production of Poly-γ-glutamic acid by a mutant, Bacillus subtilis NTU 710

April 2002: Been awarded with the scholarship to study abroad from the Ministry of Education, Taiwan.

BS: 1994 - 1998. Department of Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. (The department has renamed to Department of Biochemical Science & Technology since 2003)


Taiwanese (native)
Mandarin Chinese, traditional (native, official language in Taiwan)
English (as the second language)

Working Experiences

  • Mar 2011 - Jul 2012, temporary Department Chairman.
  • 2010 -  : Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences, Kainan University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
  • Jan - Jul, 2010: Postdoctoral fellow, Lab of Creative Commons (Taiwan).
  • Topic: Study on the open data policy of government funded research.
  • 2008 - 2009: Postdoctoral fellow, Research Center for Environmental ChangesAcademia Sinica. Taipei, Taiwan.
  • Topic: Establishing microbiological pre-treatments for analyzing nitrogen isotope ratio of environmental nitrate and nitrite.
  • 2002 - 2003: Teaching Assistant (full time) of Organic chemistry, Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan. (Then been awarded with the best TA)
  • 1998 - 2000: Military service (Conscription. Corporal, profession in 81 mm mortars)

Research Interests

  • Inhibiting drug resistant pathogens and mycotoxin-producing fungi by lactic acid bacteria.
  • Exopolysccharides (EPS) and active compounds of lactic acid bacteria. 
  • Developing fast quantification methods of EPS.
  • Applying open source hardware and software for temperature monitoring for food safety.


  • Study on the inhibition against molds and pathogenic yeasts. A research grant of Min-Sheng General Hospital(Co-PI, Jan  - Dec, 2015)

  • Isolation and characterization of lytic and lysogenic phages of multidrug resistant bacteria. A research grant of Min-Sheng General Hospital, Taiwan. (Co-PI, Jan - Dec, 2014)

  • Discovery and mechanism study of novel bacteriocins from lactic acid bacteria with the ability of inhibiting multidrug resistant pathogens. A research grant of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Taiwan (102-2 313-B-424-003-MY2 ) (PI, Oct 2013 - Jul 2015).

  • The inhibition of healthcare-associated infection pathogens by bacterial antimicrobial substances-- project of the second year. A research grant of Min-Sheng General Hospital. (Co-PI, Jan  - Dec, 2013).

  • The inhibition of healthcare-associated infection pathogens by bacterial antimicrobial substances-- project of the first year. A research grant of Min-Sheng General Hospital. (Co-PI, Jan - Dec, 2012).

  • A survey of consumers about how health foods affect people's dietary behaviors. Research project of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Taiwan. (Co-I, Apr - Dec, 2012)

(selected from Pubmed with links)

Growth inhibition of foodborne pathogens by Oenococcus oeni.

Chiang IY, Worobo RW, Churey JJ, Henick-Kling T. J Food Sci. 2012 Jan;77(1):M15-9. 

Identification of bacterial factors involved in type 1 fimbria expression using an Escherichia coli K12 proteome chip.
Chen YW, Teng CH, Ho YH, Jessica Ho TY, Huang WC, Hashimoto M, Chiang IY, Chen CS. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2014 Jun;13(6):1485-94.

Training and licenses

Computer skills
Besides common software and OS, he likes open source software (as Linux, LibreOffice and some applications)

And recently, he applies cloud application (like Google cloud services) into his teaching.


Food hygiene audits

He is a member and counselor of HACCP Development Association, Taiwan.

And  he helps counsel or audit food hygiene of organisations, including restaurants, food retailers, food additives sellers, and HACCP certified catering services.

Reviewer of the famous open access journal: PLOS ONE

Selected Memberships or Services

HACCP Association, Taiwan (GHP consultant, and food hygiene auditor)
OSSACC (Open Source Software Application Consulting Centre, Taiwan)


Food Microbiology
Food Safety and Regulations
Food Factory Management

Open Source

Besides the expertise in food microbiology and food safety, he has joined the community of open source/free software in Taiwan since 2007. He searches, translates, and introduces Open Source software into Taiwan for education.