18 February, 2018

Risk Assessment in Food Safety

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Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation
This is the main law about food and food safety management in Taiwan.

Enforcement Rules of the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation

WHO | Risk assessment
1. Hazard identification
2. Hazard characterization
3. Exposure assessment
4. Risk characterization

Chemical structures drawing software: BKchem

OPINION ON Benzoic Acid and Sodium Benzoate  (PDF)

Select Committee on GRAS Substances (SCOGS) Opinion: Benzoic acid, sodium benzoate

Wikipedia:  Vibrio parahaemolyticus

CDC  Vibrio Species Causing Vibriosis

Wikipedia: Trans fat

Wikipedia:  FroctoseHigh-fructose corn syrup

Photos used in the slides

A carrot-Lobster

A gentleman developed chronic urticaria

In the digital age, the scarce resources of individuals: time and attention

Many years ago, it was my first time to  hear the term "attention economy" from Dr. Hung's blog (洪朝貴). But I did not realize the meaning. 

Then I found something strange. In the some situations, I needed to work,  but I could not concentrate myself on the work. Because I spent too much time surfing websites and reading useless information. Suddenly, I understood what the "attention economy" meant! 

Some Information was made to attract people's attention to met certain purposes. However, most of the information is junk!   Only little info is useful.

But the the among of time and attention for a person are constant. When a person spends time and attention on the junk info, that can diminish the working ability! 

Thus I have tried to "heal" this syndrome. For example, I set a timer, 10 to 20 min for working , and 2 min for resting (surfing the web).  And it worked.

So I want to tell people some points. Many people are not aware that their time and attention are "stole" by a conspiracy!  Please awake, and fight it back!

17 February, 2018

One Dollar's Reader Digest for food and nutrition: Taiwan Food Regulations: Regulations Governing the Product Names and Labeling of Prepackaged Butter, Cream, Margarine and Fat Spreads

Taiwan Food Regulations are from the regulation database

Regulations Governing the Product Names and Labeling of Prepackaged Butter, Cream, Margarine and Fat Spreads

Title in traditional Chinese and its link
法規命令 訂定「市售奶油、乳脂、人造奶油與脂肪抹醬之品名及標示規定」,並自中華民國一百零六年七月一日生效 

Article 1

The Regulations are prescribed in accordance with the provision of Subparagraphs 10 of Paragraph 1 of the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation Article 22.

Article 2

The product names and labeling of prepackaged butter and cream shall meet the following definition.

1.   Butter:A product in the form of an emulsion of the type water-in-oil containing edible butter made from fat-containing products of dairy derivatives through pasteurization, agitation, and refinement with at least 80% of milk fat.

2.   Cream:A product containing fat physically separated from the milk and processed into a product in the form of an emulsion of the type oil-in-water, staying in fluidity or non-fluidity liquid state if kept above the freezing temperature, and having milk fat content at least 10%, but less than 80%.

Article 3

Margarine and fat spreads are those fat-containing products in a plastic and liquid state, made from a blend of edible fats, oils, water and legal food additives, modified by the process of emulsification, chilling and kneading, or with the absence of chilling and kneading. The product names and labeling of prepackaged margarine and fat spreads shall meet the following definition.

If fat content of product is at least 80%, the name of it shall be “margarine”.
If fat content of product is at least 10% but less than 80%, the name of it shall be “fat spreads”.
The words that are recognized as vegetable butter shall not appear on the packages.

Taking off!

The first day of 2016, we watched airplanes taking off!

And we hoped to take off our new life!

28 March, 2017

Yes! Air pollution today!

The air is so bad today!  I checked the AQI (air quality index) from the Taiwan Air Quality Monitoring Network, Environmental Protection Administration, Taiwan.

It has been criticized that AQI does not responsible for the "real" air quality. For example, the PM10 is reaching the very high-purple level when the concentration is over 101 micro-gram/m^3 according the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, UK,

Yesterday, the AQI of Tauyuan was yellow, but the PM10 was about 90 - 95, was the brown level in the UK. However, the AQI in Taiwan cannot reveal such index.  

I have no power to improve the air pollution. What I can do is wearing a mask, and tell friends the air is very dirty now!

20 January, 2017

Teach my child: How to use a clamp meter to measure AC current of electric heater

I have used electric multi-meter for many year (perhaps since I was a junior high school student)

This is the first time I buy and use a clamp meter.

Figure 1  Got the batteries installed

Figure 2  A electric heater (1200 W) was connected to a self-made extension cord (I made it two years ago). The cord was consisted with two strains of wires (the hot and ground wires), and I separated them. Clamped one strain of the cord and measured the AC current.

Figure 3  Yes! the cute palms with red sleeves were my boy's hands!

After measuring, I confirmed that the heater was not always running with the maximum output (every night, we could hear "click" sounds from the heater ever 10 -20 seconds, and my wife thought that really noisy in the night).

From the clamp meter, I also the current changed from  8.5 - 9.0 A to 0.2 A about every 10 sec.  This is the noise come from.

I just guess that the switching sound is using a thermo-switch to prevent the device overheating.

In addition, I think the life skills are more important than any grades of subjects in the school. Thus I taught my child how to measure AC current, even he did not know what was he doing!

Fluke AC/DC clamp meter manual (in PDF)
Electrical wiring in North America - Wikipedia