19 November, 2014

Video of microbiology experiments and food sanitation examinations

I am conducting a project, about making videos of microbiology experiments and food sanitation examinations. Most video were uploaded to my Youtube channel

1. For my own teaching (and students can watch videos any time, any where)
2. For food industry or restaurants.

Most videos are in the public domain (not copyrighted). Anyone can use those videos for any purposes (including commercial use) without getting my grant in advance.

Currently, titles are in English and Traditional Chinese, And I hope it is useful for users worldwide. Speech in the Video is Mandarin Chinese, the office language in Taiwan.
I hope in the future,

This is a personal project, not funded by any organizations. However, I appreciate many help from:

*Kainan University--for the great biology laboratory, instrument, and consumable materials.
*Min-Sheng General Hospital--for consumable materials.
*The Ministry of Science and Technology-- or consumable materials and for funding my research project.
*I-Yuan Chiang's wallet--for
*Lab members for helping preparation and making videos.

OK, just take a look of it!